What We Do

Ad Testing & Tracking

Maximizing ROI, before and after a campaign rolls out


Testing marketing campaigns will ensure that they are connecting with your target market, instigating the desired response, and ultimately attracting customers. Testing measures the impact an ad will have on behavior, where it should be placed, and whether or not the message in the ad was recognized, believable, and relevant. Tracking measures the efforts of a campaign over time, and determines the impact that these specific ads have on consumers, as well as the ROI for the client.

Why Strata:

Having moderators on staff that are highly trained and experienced in ad testing has helped our clients select winning campaign concepts, refine messaging, and identify imagery that has the greatest impact on executing the intent of the creative brief. Once the ads launch, our ability to survey respondents via in-house tools allows us control over how the ads are displayed, the access with which respondents view the ads, and how the blocks or rotations are executed for monadic and/or comparative testing. This is illustrated in our ability to provide reporting that is rich in context yet straightforward in ROI metrics.

Research Methods Utilized:

Focus Groups, Online, Telephone, Intercept, Mobile, Digital Tracking, Interactive Voice Response (IVR).