What We Do

Brand Testing

Have you identified your niche in consumers’ minds?


The ultimate goal in positioning your brand is to create a unique niche in the minds of your target customers. Testing what your brand stands for and promises in the eyes of consumers can identify areas of opportunity for creating a real and unique connection between the consumer and you. This can be achieved through thoughtful development and testing of nuanced brand positions which identify attributes elements and values that consumers connect with most, are unique, and most importantly are differentiated from your competitors.

Why Strata:

We have worked directly with clients and brand consultants to test brand position concepts to ferret out which position and/or elements of each position are conveying the desired brand’s attributes and personality. We typically begin with qualitative research which enables our clients to explore brand perceptions and gain reaction to concepts introduced. Once we refine and quantify each brand position, our clients are better able to understand which one will be most successful at emphasizing the desired brand characteristics that link their brand to the emotional benefits customers seek.

Research Methods Utilized:

Focus Groups, Triads, Dyads, IDIs, Online, Telephone, Mobile.