What We Do

Concept Testing

Using resources to test pre-launch can save you long-term


Concept development is a forward looking process for developing and evaluating new ideas before committing extensive resources on a system-wide launch. It’s a process to identify and refine potential new products, technologies, feature sets, or service components. Qualitative research can find and improve concepts based on consumers’ perspectives. Quantitative research can assess market potential for new concepts, and predict which concept(s) is best positioned for short and long-term success.

Why Strata:

Given that concept research can impact the R&D team, product engineers, product managers, and the marketing team, we are well-versed at understanding the nuances and dynamics at play when testing new concepts. During qualitative testing our moderators are adept at learning these nuances while focusing on consumer reactions and feedback, to bring the best, most actionable recommendations for refinement back to the team. Once a concept has been developed and is ready for quantitative testing, we employ monadic, sequential monadic, or side-by-side testing, enabling us to determine acceptability, purchase intent, feature optimization, strategic pricing, potential market share, and potential cannibalization.

Research Methods Utilized:

Focus Groups, Triads, Dyads, IDIs, Online, Telephone, Intercept, Mobile.