What We Do

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying customers is tricky, but if you don’t it’s costly


Identifying a baseline customer satisfaction index with tracking over time provides one of the most strategic tools to manage and monitor your business. If customers have high expectations but you fail to meet those expectations this can have a lasting effect on their interaction with you, as well as the potential for negative word-of-mouth that can have long-term, negative brand implications.

Why Strata:

We recognize customer satisfaction is a layered process that involves not only determining current levels of satisfaction, but also measuring key metrics such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS) or customer loyalty indexes (CLI/CRI), as well as identifying and profiling at-risk customers. While there is thought that one metric can be used to create a benchmark standard, our philosophy is that all should be taken into account to achieve a complete portrait of our client’s performance. This layered process not only provides you with your customer satisfaction benchmark index, but also key action items to retain and improve customer retention.

Research Methods Utilized:

Online, Telephone, Intercept, Mobile, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Mail.