What We Do

Food & Beverage Testing

You may have a product portfolio, but is it optimized?


Whether you are a CPG company, or a QSR or fast-casual dining restaurant, you understand that creating a strategic product portfolio that will drive innovation and volume is critical in this fiercely competitive landscape. In order to achieve this, obtaining consumers’ feedback on new and current concepts to create the optimal product configuration can best position a company to attract customers, drive repeat visitation or purchase, and become evangelists for your brand.

Why Strata:

For over a decade we have worked with our clients from concept ideation, to creation, to sensory testing prior to launch. From the largest globally operating CPG and QSR companies to niche companies operating in specific categories, such as health and wellness, we understand the unique needs involved in testing a food or beverage product. Our moderators have performed concept ideation discussions on concepts in theoretical or actual build form that allows them to be discussed and evaluated as well as to create a sounding board from which new, customer-based ideas can be generated. Once the concept(s) moves into development, our expertise of having performed hundreds of Central Location Tests is evident in our understanding of what’s involved – from pallet cleansing, to product rotation control, to the execution of simultaneous peel-off groups for qualitative insights into the sensory results.

Research Methods Utilized:

Central Location Tests (CLT), Focus Group, Peel-Offs, Online, Telephone, Intercept.