What We Do


Spontaneous discussion for that “ah ha” moment


Companies often live in a vacuum and therefore ideas can become one dimensional and sterile. Using a group-thinking approach via guided, yet spontaneous, discussion allows for new thinking, out of the box ideas, and/or concepts to be presented and built upon by the very people with whom you are looking to connect. This research approach takes concept testing and development to the next step allowing for those unique ideas, products, or service offerings to be born and/or nuanced outside the traditional method of internal idea generation.

Why Strata:

One of the many strengths we bring to the table is our understanding that every project requires an approach unique to its needs. Therefore, we consistently think outside the traditional norm for research testing in terms of how to guide a discussion, where to hold the discussion, and who should be brought together in that discussion. This approach could not be more advantageous than with ideation, where the right environment and group make-up need to be created for that spontaneous, creative discussion to organically occur. Furthermore, our moderators understand the need for a guided approach to the discussion that does not hinder nor foment the discussion, and determines what stimuli to introduce and when which will not limit or pigeon-hole creative thinking, both of which are paramount for a successful ideation session.

Research Methods Utilized:

Focus Group, Triads, Dyads.