What We Do

Package Design

Sometimes we do judge a book by its cover


Package design can play a significant role in the sales of products, goods and services. A package’s design can dictate whether a consumer notices, interacts with, and ultimately purchases your product. It is also in many ways part of the ad campaign, especially with limited or non-existent media advertising support. Engaging your target consumer with your packaging concept(s) or redesigns can identify the connection between its design and their interest in engaging with it, and what impact it plays in the impulse to purchase.

Why Strata:

Testing a product’s package design goes beyond the package itself to how and by who it will be placed. As such, we take great pride in our understanding that package testing does not nor should not happen in the vacuum of the product itself. Testing should also involve how it will realistically be displayed in-store and with what competitors. We have recreated gondola shelves in focus groups and central location test environments, allowing our clients to see where consumers intuitively look first, what they touch, handle, and pick-up, and most importantly, what were those underlying package elements and product attributes that triggered those intuitive reactions. Having consumers work with the package helps clients see issues that consumers may feel, but not express, that curbs or encourages their future product purchases.

Research Methods Utilized:

Focus Groups, Triads, Dyads, IDIs, Central Location Tests (CLT).