What We Do


Is who’s reading you who you want to be reading you and why?


Understanding the motivations and reactions of readers, as well as the demographics of who is reading you, can help determine reader satisfaction levels, guide editorial content decisions, provide reach for sales support, and help identify gaps in readership to pursue. In addition, it determines which demographic is most likely to read the publication and which aspects drive satisfaction.

Why Strata:

Through years of readership testing, editorial content evaluations, and new delivery platform testing for newspapers and magazines, we are acutely aware of the changes that have happened to the industry due to the changing way news and media is consumed. We have worked with our clients to understand consumer behavior as it has evolved from traditional print to increased digital consumption. Our research has spanned from tracking reader demographics as they have evolved, identifying lost segments, testing new information delivery methods to reach those lost segments, evaluating editorial content to ensure the readers remain satisfied and/or identifying gaps in desired content, as well as testing look and feel design elements and sizing.

Research Methods Utilized:

Focus Groups, Central Location Tests (CLT), Online, Telephone, Intercept, Mobile, Interactive Voice Response, Mail.