What We Do

Usability Testing

Sometimes you need to see it, touch it, experience it


Certain types of research call for hands-on methods. Trial and usability testing fulfills a variety of business needs such as product development, feature set and functionality evaluation, design, styling, competitive assessment, and more. In addition, qualitative research provides your team the opportunity to watch how customers intuitively react with your product and the issues they may have with it, or its packaging, to illuminate issues and guide future designs.

Why Strata:

Similar to concept or food and beverage testing, trial and usability research is one of our strengths given it lies in our core competency of testing consumers’ intuitive reactions while getting at the underlying drivers to their behavior. In essence, the fundamental goal of trial or usability testing is to understand the intuitive reaction of consumers with how they work with a product, service, or interface, and what that ultimately translates to in terms of interest, likeability, and purchase intent or use.

Research Methods Utilized:

Focus Groups, Central Location Tests (CLT), Online, Telephone, Intercept, Mobile